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The first Tumblr client for Windows Phone 7 OS.

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Good to see us air breathers can get something right…


Good to see us air breathers can get something right…

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BumbleBee 2.6 Available

BumbleBee v2.5 published

A new version of BumbleBee should be available in the store in a few hours.  It features an updated UI, better tag search functionality, draft posts, the ability to follow/unfollow blogs, a pin-to-start feature and other fixes. 

BumbleBee v2.2 submitted

I just submitted version 2.2, which corrects some problems that were introduced after Tumblr deprecated their old interface including weird dashboard behavior and problems posting on some carriers.  You can also browse blogs that turn up in a tag search now by clicking on the blog title in the search results.  Draft posts coming soon…

Update Submitted

I just submitted an update that hopefully corrects the login problems everyone has been having.  I also added a “Search Tags” feature from the application bar on the main dashboard page that you can use to search Tumblr for posts with a given tag.  The update should be published to the marketplace in a few days.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


Sorry, I haven’t logged into tumblr for a while now and I see there’s obviously a problem that people have been reporting.  I’ll look into it.

Anonymous said: I read on the marketplace that Tumble-pic supports gif, have you seen it?

For now, if you want to see an (animated) GIF you have to click the ‘eye’ icon to view it in a browser.  If there’s another app that supports GIFs they have a browser built into the app.  I might add this in a future update.

Anonymous said: I really love the app but by any chance is there a way to make it work with video that is on the site also. That would be a nice update and make the app even better!!! Thanks in advance!!!

Unfortunately Tumblr still uses Flash for video, so the video is not embeddable in WP7 apps.  If they used HTML5 video it would be possible.

Anonymous said: Why doesn't it have a search bar???

I’d like to add a search bar but the tumblr API doesn’t have a way to return posts based on tags for some reason. 

Anonymous said: I added a post to my queue, how do I post it from the app?

You added it to the queue from the website?  The app unfortunately doesn’t have access to posts that are queued elsewhere.  You can just add to the queue.